An Unfair System

Many of us know someone that has fallen victim to unequal policing. Whether it is a friend that has been unfairly targeted in a stop and search or a colleague that has not reported an assault because they feel that their gender or sexuality identity will not afford them the same level of justice. It may even be a family member that sees crime in their village continue to go uninvestigated. We all know someone who has felt disempowered and forgotten. Someone who’s voice is not being heard. It might even be you.

This is not a fair system and this is not policing that protects the people.

It is within the last few years that brave people within our society have stood up and shone a light on these inequalities. From the brave survivors of sexual assault who ignited the Me Too movement, to activists that marched and shouted for the voices of ethnic minorities to be heard. These movements have caused us to look at our past actions and have motivated us, and me, to stand up and demand a system that is fair and equal to all.

Rural communities are also experiencing a geographical disadvantage when it comes to policing. We are suffering from a lack of staffing where just 1 PCSO covers countless villages and communities. 

With every sharing of an Instagram story, every deflated exhale when we read a new story of another person suffering we think to ourselves, surely things are getting better. But over the past decade of Conservative administration, communities in Sussex increasingly suffer.

As a mixed race woman, who has lived both in rural Sussex village and big cities I have seen all too often how our criminal justice system disproportionality affects people who fall outside of the demographic majority.

I say ignorance is no longer an excuse when it comes to how the justice system affects our communities. The system that we have inherited affords privilege to certain groups in society, while the rest are left unsupported at best and discriminated against at worst.

I say communities are being left behind after a decade of Tory cuts and head in the sand politics. An unfair system affects us all.

I will fight for the dignity and respect of all Sussex residents.

I will rebuild trust in our policing system.

Standing Up, Speaking Up, Kahina will get things done!
Greens win in Sussex. Vote for me, Kahina Bouhassane, on May 6th and together let’s make Sussex Police a police for the people. 

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