Kahina Bouhassane announced as Green Party Candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

The Green Party has announced Kahina Bouhassane is their candidate in the upcoming Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, pledging to make the Sussex force “a police for the people”.

The Green party has today confirmed its candidate is Kahina Bouhassane for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election which will take place on 6th May.[1] She is a long time resident of Sussex, having grown up in both Brighton and rural East Sussex. [2]

Kahina, a mixed race woman, has a history of speaking up for people that aren’t being heard. She is a long time campaigner on issues of equality, having protested and marched for Women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ rights and Make Votes Matter. 

Kahina’s background is in communications. She has worked extensively in environmental and political journalism both as a freelancer and working for local non-profits, before moving to education. She now works in a school in Mid Sussex, supporting the learning and development of Key Stage 3 students on the autism spectrum. 

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Role is currently held by Conservative politician, Katy Bourne, who has occupied the position since it was first created in 2012. [3]

Kahina Bouhassane says:

“It is time for change. Years of Tory austerity has led to a police force that cannot serve everyone in the community. I have a history of speaking up for residents who are not being heard. Our officers work hard to look after us, but women, black and minority ethnic people and rural communities are being left unsupported. This is completely unacceptable. 

I am committed to ending the rampant inequality in our police force that leaves crimes in rural areas unaddressed, black and minority people poorly treated, and women vulnerable. 

Sussex has already elected Green Councillors from Arun in the West to Rother in the East and is home to an incredible Green MP. A Green Police and Crime Commissioner will make the real change needed for a fair and equal police force. Let’s make Sussex Police a police for the people.” 

Councillor Johnny Denis, a Green Party Member of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel welcomes the announcement:

It’s great news for Sussex residents! Kahina will be a strong critical friend of our recently appointed Chief Constable, Jo Shiner, and will make sure the voice of all residents is reflected in policing. I’m pleased that we have put forward such a strong and winning candidate”

[1] pronounced kah-hee-na boo-hass-en

[2] https://www.kahinabouhassane.com

[3] https://www.sussex-pcc.gov.uk/about/your-pcc/

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