Police for the People

Kahina Bouhassane is the Green Party Candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and she speaks up for people that aren’t being heard. Kahina is committed to making Sussex Police a police for the people.

An Unfair System

  • The current system is structurally discriminative to black and ethnic minority groups, women and those identifying with other marginalised genders.
  • Rural communities have been left behind and forgotten.
  • Conservative cuts have worsened these structural and geographical disparities

Kahina Bouhassane says: “We are in desperate need of a criminal justice system that works for EVERYONE. The system is catastrophically unfair for Black and Minority Ethnic groups in Sussex, rural communities and leaves women, and those identifying with other marginalised genders vulnerable.”

Impact of Austerity

Years of Tory cuts have led to an underfunded police and justice system which allows crimes to go un-investigated and leaves victims without justice or support. Much rural crime continues to go unpoliced.

Kahina Bouhassane says: “We need a Police and Crime Commissioner who will stand up to the Conservative government and demand better for our residents, not another Tory willing to continue implementing government cuts to vital services without protest.”

Drivers of Crime need to be properly addressed

  • Integrate police forces more closely with the communities they serve by creating new community liaison and equality officers to work on positive relations and by putting more police on the beat. 
  • Invest in youth services and centres, to help turn at-risk children away from crime.
  • End the war on drugs, which has trapped hundreds of thousands of people into lives of crime and treat drug addiction as a health condition, not a crime

Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice

Restorative justice gives victims a voice and helps offenders see the effects of what they have done and take responsibility. The Green Party’s plan to make everyone safer will enhance the rehabilitation services on offer to long-term prisoners, commissioning rehabilitation services that have a track record of success.

Kahina Bouhassane says: “We have a broken justice system that traps people into a cycle of re-offending. We need tough justice that puts victims first: Restorative Justice”.

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